Monday, October 6, 2008

The Festive Fever

Posted by Rohit

This is the month of Festivals here at home. The entire country seems to be busy with this \. You know how it is like being in a home where you preparing for a marriage, Christmas, or Eid or in fact any festival. Now imagine the entire country doing the same.
Everyone has the festi fever here but not me. I just cannot get the mood to feel the reason to holiday around. Me staying in a small town, got enough relatives to be with but when it comes to socializing i have no one here to do so. Its feels like a life time i sat with a friend over a drink and shared a joke or two.
I look at myself a a little more than a year back. i was busy with work and also was partying hard. Now all i do is work and physo.
Waiting for the single chance to get out of this place so i can have a more balanced life. bu that opportunity will not come in the near future. Nor can i make an opportunity as have a treatment going on and my family will not loose me out of my site. So i sit here doing nothing but working as they wish me to just looking at the time to leave this place.
Is this why i am not having the festi fever? Don't know but i hope it catches me soon...