Monday, April 6, 2009

Finally I did meet Her

Posted by Rohit

I needed to break from Home, Needed to go and meet her. It had been long long enough for me lose count of the days since i looked into her eyes. I wanted to do that again . Wanted to take her out, treat her special, see her Smile, Spent time with her. But unfortunately it was not possible for to do so.

Couldn't find time out of work, Had a lot happening. The entire Business Strategy was being changed, so had to do be there, to understand it, Learn it, Make it work. But how could I, my mind was else where. It was always switching to one channel, DREAMING ABOUT HER, but I had no escape from work.

Finally one fine morning my mom came to my rescue. She told Dad, " He needs to go and meet her, when are you sending him." He simply obliged and put me on the next train to see her.

She had no idea i was coming, I hadn't talked top her for a week I guess. Told you the work kept me to buzy. Didn't have enough time for anything.

Than I reached my long awaited destination, and surprised her at her door steps. Would have dropped dead there in front of her, It was a dream come true. I finally met her after two and half months, Damm I missed those pretty eyes.

A tight warm hug (another thing I miss a Lot), and we began our day. Movie, Shopping (I hate to shop but I know she is crazy.. Want to cool her anger or make a smile come on her face - take her shopping .. It does the trick). and a little mischief. Could not tell when the day go over and I had to return back home.

Well ..... what an we say, We must not have all the fun at once .. we should leave some for the future,

So waiting now for the next meeting.... Till then, Dream Dream Dream about this meet and the next to come.....