Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ever Since

Posted by Rohit

Every Since I Had Seen You,
Seen You, Dancing There,
I Was Sure Of One Thing
That I Wanted You.

That I Want You
Not To Bed
But It Love
And Make You Mine For Ever.

Something Always Told Me
That It Was Not Possible
That What I Like Most
To Make Impossible, Possible

So Here I Am Today
Having You Next To Me
Getting The Love I Wanted
And Loving You More Than, That Day.

An Old Memory

Posted by Rohit

As I wonder of the time I first saw you dancing there among your friends and how we met. The state I was in and ways I may have behaved. Most of which I don’t remember as I was not myself then. All I look back and thank him to introduce me to you and you to me. Yes, that’s how it started, our friendships.
The way I did struggled than to write the few words to ask you out. Luckily I had friends around to help me. Since then the memories are fresh and clear as if they just happened yesterday.
The letters we use to pass across the gates. The way we used to meet. Well, I only met you after a month at the play, after which the friendship day weekend we spent together. Damm “D Club” was good those days, the group really got into trouble later.
Luckily, for my accident I was able to call you. I still remember how he dialed that number and asked for you. I had told him not to do so, I was not feeling like talking but I landed up talking for about an hour with you. Than the carnival we met and the long walk we had taken and the unexpected visit of mine the next day.
Thinking of all this turns me in one of those moods that can only be described by a love poem. Cause by now I was I had fallen in love with you. I can still hear us speak on the phone even though we were neighbors.
The night I proposed and you turned me down, the thought still brings a tear in my eye. The way I ignored you for full two months, the way I simply had vanished. But I know now I did it for our own good. Cause it was only than you had realized how much you cared for me. I could feel it in your voice, in the hug we had went we met in House of Lords.
Every time I asked you if you wanted to say me something, you didn’t say it until than day when I read those words on the screen. I turned to down then to settle scores but later it happened.
The words we spoke over the phone still rings in my ears like music. At last when we met after a gap of two months, we met as a couple for the first time. Those few minutes we spent together, experiencing new things we won’t never to stop. Every time I close my eyes I can still feel you as I had taken a walk with you on cloud number nine.
Never wanting to part, wishing we had a little more time to spend together. But we had to. Ever since I left you that day, I keep counting the days before we will be together again and would feel your love one more time and feel complete again, cause without you I am not. I need you in my life because I want to be loved and because I love you very much

PS: I actually had written this on June 24, 2003, when I was studying in Kathmandu, Nepal. She met me first on July 29, 2002. After which we meet only a couple of time before I proposed her, eventually she turned me down first. Then we met for a couple of minutes after two months, and on June, 2003. It was kind of weird that we never spend much time together except for the three years. But each moment with her was a memory to treasure.