Saturday, August 30, 2008

Who is She

Posted by Rohit

Who is she? How did I meet her? Why did I meet her? I don’t know. Only thing I know is that she brought a new meaning in my life. She taught Rohit Dhanawat, a man who never believed in love, to love. I say I don’t believe in love cause ….. Damm I can’t even think of why I didn’t believe in love. Today she lives in my heart and even if she wants I can’t let her go. How can I she is my soul. She is the reason that I want to wake up in the morning after morning.
You will ask how come you don’t know anything about her if she has such an important place in your life. Well I know her. I know her name, I know where I met her for the first time, I remember the moment when I proposed to her, I remember the minutes we spend together and the minutes that weren’t passing before the hour I was suppose to meet her.
That beautiful girl dancing the crowd, something distinguishing her from everyone else on 29th June,2002; Was it her innocent sweet smile or was it the way she was carrying herself; I do not know. But this I know for sure that something pulled me in my drunken state towards her. Made me spend time with her and the moment I could not stop talking about this at the top of my voice when I reached hostel. Gosh! I can’t believe that I could do such a thing.
Wait not only this, the few more meets we had after that, each one being a very short but a memorable meeting. Wish those moments would have never passed. Most of which I remember the friendship day when I spend the entire day with her looking for friendship bands and the evening in D-club and the night she sleeping on my lap in the reception lobby of the hotel. Then the long walk we had on 1st November till one o’clock at night.
Then the proposal on 26th January that she turned down only to find me hurt and vanished for two months, but when I returned I realized that I had missed something. We soon became one.
Even though we were one we only met a couple of times, again each were short and memorable ones. Our first kiss, Royal resort (which I wish would never have had happen). Each one of them, still fresh as though it just happened yesterday. Then not meeting her for one year made me go mad. Hearing her cry over the phone would simply kill me from inside, making me feel useless as though I couldn’t do anything at all. In those moments all I wanted was to be with her to wipe those tears and make her feel that she is not alone and never will be.
Circumstances never let us meet, but when I could be lucky enough to go to UK to continue my studies, faith brought me back to Bangalore where she did wait for me even though we had broken up for a few days that seemed like months.
Now today, after two years and five months I’m here today with her giving her all the time I can to make up for my absence in the past.

The Perfect Plan

Posted by Rohit

He holds her tight, real tight, so when a third looks at her, he can tell she belongs to him, and to leave them alone.

Tight enough to hold arrest her in his arms, yet making sure she is not hurt. He wants to make this day a special day for her, he wants to plan out every move, yet he makes sure she has her say.

He looks at her as though saying her to relax; I have it planned, but she knows it can change at the very first say.

He is rigid; he is tough, yet gentle and flexible. He hates to be in girlie world yet he visits one with her because he wants to see the smile, the natural one she wears when she is happy, that makes him happy.

He cannot see her confused and insecure, yet he makes her feel so because he has a surprise waiting for her. He is tired of holding her bags while she shops yet he hangs on, because he know he cannot take her home yet, more over she loves to shop.

If she gets tired he waits for her to refuel the energy and they start again.

He patiently waits for the call that informs him that it’s ready. And when it comes home, he takes her home to surprise her and see those tears of joy run down her eyes, knowing he has made her day…

The Long Road

Posted by Rohit

Sitting all alone on the chair, thinking how busy we have got. Sometimes they are busy, otherwise I am. Life is moving so fast I feel the phrase "like the forest fire” appear to be slow.

Day before I was in Nepal, today I am in Delhi, and tomorrow I have no clue where this world will take me. It’s just a long road ahead of me, with no sign board to lead the way. This road divides in every few meters as I move ahead. Leaving me confused which turn to take. I know only one out of the many is the right one, and if I miss it I cannot turn back, I need to move ahead before the Queue gets long and I get lost behind.

I too want to lead like everyone else but which road I take?

Leaving the question unanswered I move ahead not realizing which turn I take, still wondering what lies ahead...

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Epic Yet To Written

Posted by Rohit

If I could talk or write like a sage
who wrote great epics and even greater tales that we still like to read or talk
about, I would have written about his 6 year relation with this girl I know.
Born in a small town in Nepal, she grew up to a good girl. An innocent girl
who likes most girls came to a big city in search for education. But she found
more than that. She found me, rather I found her.
It was like the old
classics, where the drunken sailor sees his love of his life dancing on the
floor. Of course any drunken guy would have thought that about a girl, but this
was different. This Sailor walked towards her, danced with her, talked about her
for days after that moment.
Then he met her again. And again till he was
sure she was born to be with him, unfortunately for him she did not think the
same. That really broke him up when he learnt about it.
But that’s the past,
and now they both have a mutual feeling living for each other may be not as
close as before they were, only in geographical distance but mentally they still
For the period between the past and the present they had a perfectly
normal life, not a fairy tale life but a real one where they faced both good and
bad times. And the faced it together like real people making them come closer to
each other, understanding every breath the other takes.
They look like one
of those immortal love stories only that this one is real. If you don't believe
ask their friends who actually know them.

Su Doku

Posted by Rohit

I feel Life is like a Game of
Su-Doku. It has its Limitations - ( Remember the saying- Sky is the Limit), but
yet we cannot copy someone else. Others don't like it, let we got to live up to
those rules set by the game, Having the exact same elements in each box, only
freedom we left with is the way we place those elements but again we must make
sure its not like someone else's combination. If it is you are a Fraud and if it
is not, you are not good enough.
People have this tendency to compare two
elements of life. May it be another person, food, happiness, sadness, health,
and the list goes on. I wonder why we do that. Are we not confident about
ourselves or is it the feeling "IF HE CAN DO IT WHY CAN'T YOU". Kind off weird,
they are more concerned why he did it before you could.
Why can not Life be a lived
just like the Game of "Life". All we have to do is share more and keep
smiling always. Just like the game, were we only bother
about winning without even bothering about what the other person is
Thinking about it, I feel the
world may be a lot better place to live in. All it may take is doing a little
less of a evil and doing more of good. That's a good
What Say?