Monday, August 11, 2008

Su Doku

Posted by Rohit

I feel Life is like a Game of
Su-Doku. It has its Limitations - ( Remember the saying- Sky is the Limit), but
yet we cannot copy someone else. Others don't like it, let we got to live up to
those rules set by the game, Having the exact same elements in each box, only
freedom we left with is the way we place those elements but again we must make
sure its not like someone else's combination. If it is you are a Fraud and if it
is not, you are not good enough.
People have this tendency to compare two
elements of life. May it be another person, food, happiness, sadness, health,
and the list goes on. I wonder why we do that. Are we not confident about
ourselves or is it the feeling "IF HE CAN DO IT WHY CAN'T YOU". Kind off weird,
they are more concerned why he did it before you could.
Why can not Life be a lived
just like the Game of "Life". All we have to do is share more and keep
smiling always. Just like the game, were we only bother
about winning without even bothering about what the other person is
Thinking about it, I feel the
world may be a lot better place to live in. All it may take is doing a little
less of a evil and doing more of good. That's a good
What Say?