Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Long Road

Posted by Rohit

Sitting all alone on the chair, thinking how busy we have got. Sometimes they are busy, otherwise I am. Life is moving so fast I feel the phrase "like the forest fire” appear to be slow.

Day before I was in Nepal, today I am in Delhi, and tomorrow I have no clue where this world will take me. It’s just a long road ahead of me, with no sign board to lead the way. This road divides in every few meters as I move ahead. Leaving me confused which turn to take. I know only one out of the many is the right one, and if I miss it I cannot turn back, I need to move ahead before the Queue gets long and I get lost behind.

I too want to lead like everyone else but which road I take?

Leaving the question unanswered I move ahead not realizing which turn I take, still wondering what lies ahead...