Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Perfect Plan

Posted by Rohit

He holds her tight, real tight, so when a third looks at her, he can tell she belongs to him, and to leave them alone.

Tight enough to hold arrest her in his arms, yet making sure she is not hurt. He wants to make this day a special day for her, he wants to plan out every move, yet he makes sure she has her say.

He looks at her as though saying her to relax; I have it planned, but she knows it can change at the very first say.

He is rigid; he is tough, yet gentle and flexible. He hates to be in girlie world yet he visits one with her because he wants to see the smile, the natural one she wears when she is happy, that makes him happy.

He cannot see her confused and insecure, yet he makes her feel so because he has a surprise waiting for her. He is tired of holding her bags while she shops yet he hangs on, because he know he cannot take her home yet, more over she loves to shop.

If she gets tired he waits for her to refuel the energy and they start again.

He patiently waits for the call that informs him that it’s ready. And when it comes home, he takes her home to surprise her and see those tears of joy run down her eyes, knowing he has made her day…