Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ever Since

Posted by Rohit

Every Since I Had Seen You,
Seen You, Dancing There,
I Was Sure Of One Thing
That I Wanted You.

That I Want You
Not To Bed
But It Love
And Make You Mine For Ever.

Something Always Told Me
That It Was Not Possible
That What I Like Most
To Make Impossible, Possible

So Here I Am Today
Having You Next To Me
Getting The Love I Wanted
And Loving You More Than, That Day.


Nidhi said...

thts so romantic :) i love the way u write..
was it for me :P Blinking eyes./

Rohit said...

who els do you think dear

Mads said...

lovely n romantic one :D

nidhi, kuch seekh....dis is d way to write scaring u wid dat smiley now... :-w :P

Rohit said...

mads, glad u liked it

VaiDHei ChiTLanGiA said...

hmmm very very caring and lovely poem....keep writing....