Monday, August 11, 2008

A Epic Yet To Written

Posted by Rohit

If I could talk or write like a sage
who wrote great epics and even greater tales that we still like to read or talk
about, I would have written about his 6 year relation with this girl I know.
Born in a small town in Nepal, she grew up to a good girl. An innocent girl
who likes most girls came to a big city in search for education. But she found
more than that. She found me, rather I found her.
It was like the old
classics, where the drunken sailor sees his love of his life dancing on the
floor. Of course any drunken guy would have thought that about a girl, but this
was different. This Sailor walked towards her, danced with her, talked about her
for days after that moment.
Then he met her again. And again till he was
sure she was born to be with him, unfortunately for him she did not think the
same. That really broke him up when he learnt about it.
But that’s the past,
and now they both have a mutual feeling living for each other may be not as
close as before they were, only in geographical distance but mentally they still
For the period between the past and the present they had a perfectly
normal life, not a fairy tale life but a real one where they faced both good and
bad times. And the faced it together like real people making them come closer to
each other, understanding every breath the other takes.
They look like one
of those immortal love stories only that this one is real. If you don't believe
ask their friends who actually know them.


Nidhi said...

hats off to you.

VaiDHei ChiTLanGiA said...

awesome fantabulous is the word....
me waitin to buy a copy of the epic.....
god bless u