Thursday, October 1, 2009

Breaking the Silence

Posted by Rohit

Hey folks ,

I think its been ages since i last wrote something.. must be years.. yes all my other post were ages old. just wanted to share them with people and get their views.

anyways, yesterday is history so don't bother, future is yet to come, just grip your racket right so you can dirvert them quietly back to where it came and today is becoming history as we speak. so who care.. Live lite. Man i can be a little physiological. didnt know i had it in me.

Lets see what i have been doing in the past few months... mmmmmmm
i remember working, and ya working some more... damm nidhi is right. I did become a workaholic. Yes i managed to become something in a very short span of my work life.. hey very few people can achieve early success like this... hehe

But seriously i really need to get the fun back in my life.. See Rohit a few year back was carefree. lived one day at a time, enjoyed as it it was the last to live for. slept satisfied that i had enough fun for the day. but Rohit now lives by the clock.. enjoys every second he saves from doing his work early and using it to find new work. and the end sees a movie and goes to bed satisfied thinking he worked hard enough and gave his 100%.

Now thats a change we dont see over night in a person, but i have proof it did happen over night for me. dont believe ask her.. she keeps reminding me of the old days and when i remember them, i realise i am not the same Rohit. He must have been by other life.. You know re birth and all.

So, what is that i actually thought of writing today.. looks like i forgot, its new... when i sit to write i just the finger have a mind of their own.. it release the inside emotions. not good to keep it within right. not good for help.. but we got to keep in, not good for others.. hehe

damm enough of this $#!^, i need a topic to write something new. you know turn the emotions into something more friction when it comes out so it looks well dressed and gentlemen like.. you get the picture. let see if you can give me a head start..


I know my spelling are bad...