"Honey what happened to you?"
"Man u changed so much?"
"Where is my Kiddo gone?"
"Man I dont know you. So sound so matured!!"
"Rohit get out of there, hear yourself talk, janu You changed.. Please dont na. You need to get out of there!!!"

"Sweety its just time, am the same.. See m still you little kiddo you feel in love with, yes a little more polished. ( I know mamta reading this must be thinkin.. ya definately with shoe polish.. Dear i know u well and now stop laughing and read, yes moti u can kill me later & stopping talking again- for a few minutes)

For those who dont know Mamta- the idiot is my sister.. who is fifteen minutes younger than me and still never call me Bhaiya but abuses me like she must be doing rite now..;)

Anyways back to the real topic. the line u read above are actually words out of Nidhi's mouth whenever we speak.

Yes i was like a kid in front of her, always trying to impress her, it took me 9 months to finally succeed and i did good. see i am still holding on to her. its been seven years now. With time we got used to each other, understood each other. Time even got us matured. At times i think i was such a kid before.. we do grow fast rite. but even thru all this i still managed to remain the same stupid helplessly in love with her and m still am.

Ya i know i am not the same old kiddo you want me to be rite, but everyone has to grow up so did this kid. but i didnt want to. Time made me. and i know time will again make me the same old kid i was than but with a difference.. i wont let u do the thinkin when we going out.. ( need to take the flaws out when we reboot rite).

grrrr.. black out forgot what to wirte next. anyways...